Extreme Duty UHMW Runners $140 Each

-1" thick x 1.25" wide.  Custom made to fit each model. 

Custom Rub Rails Pair $299


Protect your Investment from rubbing on trees and rocks.  The rub rails stiffen up the sides,  they deflect water when going through overflow, increase floatation in deep snow, they protect the rope and stop the nuts from catching on trees.   

Extreme Duty 4140 Steel Pins And Retainers Kit $129

5 custom 4140 steel pins

5 custom pin retainers

These are the longest lasting pins ever build for pulling a toboggan.    You are unlikely to wear one out but many customers loose them  by dropping in the snow or misplacing them.   These are the ONLY pins that will work for the hitch ends and there is NO substitute. 

Custom Name Plate $199

Make sure everyone in town knows who owns that amazing sled.

           60" Rok Straps $42 Pair

Bungee cord attached to nylon webbing with a quick release      

buckle is handy as heck.   We have tested to -30 Deg Celsius
with good success.    The toboggan was Engineered to work
with this system 10 is ideal for securing the tarp on load

            Extra Rope 6 arm Lengths $18

         Cold weather floating rope Black $18

            Red Lashing Rope for side loops $18

           Carabiners Per 10 $69

These are very handy as they allow quick access to your load    
 without having to pull the tail through the loops.  Also rope  
 slides really easily inside the Carabiners making it very easy  

        Fold Down Fuel Partitions $69 Each

The more fold down fuel partitions the better.   The toboggan is predrilled to accommodate 6 total.

 Stackable High sides $329 Per LEVEL

 Specifically made for the Arctic 2022 models ONLY.   See how the Rescue Responder Model looks with extra high side.  
Raises side to 22" tall.  Comes with all the lashing ropes and

7 UHMW Strap handles 1.25" wide .25" thick $79


Uhmw handles make handling your toboggan easier.  Snow and ice doesnt stick to UHMW.    They are also great fast tie down points.   Big thick handles that are easy to handle with mittens.   Handles are rated for -107 deg.


Rear pulling points $79


Rear pulling points allow you to pull your sled backwards with ropes when you get stuck with a big load.  This is particularly handy when the skidoo is stuck in a creek or overflow.   Just unhook from toboggan.  Tie rope to rear pulling point and pull out backwards.


             Replacement Hitch End Assembly $299

When your hitch end wears out you can replace the end assembly.   Commercial customers will have to replace occasionally while this hitch end will last a recreational user a life time  5 min replacement time.

                   Pintle Hitch End. $209

100% of our customers prefer our flapper hitch system over pintle hitch systems because its so much quieter.    For people who only only use J hooks... We have a interchangeable hitch end for you.  

HD Stainless Steel Skeg $79

For best traction on ice and glacier overflow a single skeg in the middle offers best performance.


Extra High Front $329 

Keep snow out and Gear in with an extra high front compatible with all 22 model Yukon Expedition sleds.




Sleeping Bag Holder $329 

Keep snow out and Gear in with an extra high front compatible with all 22 model Yukon Expedition sleds. All older yukon sleds with high side kit can be retrofitted for this accessory.




5 Point Tandem Hitch Kit $329 

All the parts you need to pull a Yukon Expedition Sled Tandem.

1 - Heavy duty Skidoo flapper hitch

2- Heavy Duty Skidoo J hooks

2 - UHMW quick release stability arms