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Y.E.S. specializes in hand crafting the longest lasting, most dependable, maintenance free,  rated to stay flexible  at -107 Degrees Celcius.


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Go Further With Y.E.S.

  • Most dependable sled in the world proven 8 year across arctic

  • Hand crafted in the Yukon 

  • 100% Maintenance Free

  • Rated to haul 1600 Lb load @ -60 Deg Celsius 

  • Increased fuel range vs wood or fiberglass sleds with same load

  • Engineered to tow tandem sleds

  • Get Stuck 50% +  less in overflow (slush)

  • Cold weather rated not to crack at -60 Deg Celcius

  • Many accessories available

  • Free shipping to many places 

  • They are lighter, safer, and easier to tow than wood sleds

  •  The most load securing options ever put into a sled

  • Highest volume cold weather sleds in the world. 

  • Made from UHMW that has been arctic proven the most dependable material for arctic sleds for 30 years!

  • Very compact and stackable for shipping to remote communities


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I conduct research on rivers and lakes in Canada’s North. In 2021, I went looking for a new toboggan. I do not have time for fix and repair while traveling or when back home. So, I needed a high-quality, lifetime sled, one that could take hard miles over rough ice and boreal forest portage trails. The sled had to carry my entire camp, plus fuel and propane but still light weight. I needed a sled that would contain the load without having to retie the load while enroute. I reviewed all the advertised higher-priced toboggans on the market. In the end I chose a 9.5-foot Arctic Nomad by Yukon Expedition Sleds. Many a mile later, the toboggan has met my expectations in all areas. I would recommend this product. 

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