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We Ship Worldwide

Arctic Responder Pulling 5.5 Ft Expedition Sled


We ship FREE to the USA.  

 Let us do the heavy lifting and make getting your YES sled easy.  We arrange shipping, customs, duties so you don't have too.

We do ship free to many locations up to $500 USD
All sled sales to USA are final due to the high shipping costs and complex admin work involved in getting across the border.

We highly recommend you get your dream sled accessorized the way you like the first time.  These are CUSTOM hand crafted products that are changing each year and that accessory you like today may not be available next year for that specific model. 

Sleds ship without accessories installed.  They take 2.5H- 5H to install all accessories using  basic shop tools after you receive them.


Sleds are shipped with all accessories flat packed inside.   Most customers take  2.5H -5H to install all of the accessories using basic shop tools.

For customer returns customer pays all shipping expenses each way.

Pulling 9.5ft Arctic Responder


Conditions For Free Shipping

How can we ship for free?

The sleds are shipped with ALL the accessories stacked inside.   The customer must install the hitch and assemble all accessories at the final destination. For customer returns customer pays all shipping expenses each way.


How long do they take to assemble?

Assembly time varies from 2.5 hours to 5 hours depending on customers' skills and tools and where they are working.  Each sled is provided with a video on all the steps required to install.   


Do all sleds ship for free?

Each package ships for free to Manitoulin Transport depots across Canada.  For shipping to businesses, houses, reserves, barges, etc.  Please fill out an order request form and we will provide you with a shipping rate quote for forwarding freight to the desired destination.


Where Does Free Shipping Include?

Here is a list of all the terminals included for free shipping.   Free shipping only includes shipping to the terminal Terminal Listing - MANITOULIN TRANSPORT


How much does it cost to ship where there is no terminal? 

To forward past Manitoulin to an Airport, Barge Terminal, Reserve, or Business,  usually costs only $150.   This is conditional with many variables.  Please contact us in advance for us to check if your area qualifies.


How much does it cost to fly into remote communities?

Yukon sleds are VERY light and very compact and are the most cost-effective toboggan to fly into the arctic. The cost varies greatly BUT we have found the most economical way to fly to remote communities is to ship multiple orders at the same time. The cost to ship an individual sled is about the same cost to ship 3.  The most economical shipment is shipping  6 sleds of the same size at once.  Group orders shipped to the airport don't have to pay the $150 forwarding fee.  We can offer estimated shipping dimensions for air freight quotes before ordering.  Please Email


Shipping to the USA

Yukon Sleds are hand-crafted in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.  We ship sleds to Alaska and the Northern States.  When USA customers pay in USD we can ship free to many major centers across the USA.  Please fill out a USA order form and we will confirm if we can ship to your specific location at no extra charge.  We cover all freight logistics, customs, duty, and broker fees. For customer returns customer pays all shipping expenses each way.

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