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Recreation Sleds 

These sleds are set up as packages but each one can be customized.  

2024 Yukon Adventure Sled


Skinny, Light, Versatile and Dependable.  This sled is only 24" wide at the top when laced up for skinny trails...  but can expand to 36" wide when loaded full of wood making it very stable too.  The sled is only 16" wide on the bottom to fit 2 Gerry cans side by side.  The Adventure Sled is specially designed for optimum performance when pulled behind a Tundra Sport Snowmobile or Expedition Sport with a 16" wide track.   

This sled package is offered with minimal accessories to keep weight and cost down... but there are MANY accessories available as add-ons.  Our customer's favourite accessories include 1 extra high front, 3 more fuel partitions, 6 rok straps, and a metal skeg to improve side-hilling on ice. 


  • 24" wide when tied up and expandable to 36" with a heavy load when ropes are loose making it very stable.

  • 7.5 ft long inside  

INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE - 7.5 Ft Recycled UHMWPE body - 16" flexible high sides that are removable for amazing versatility for snowmobile recovery. - 3 ft double layer hitch that is very light and stiffer than competitors single layer options offering better reversibility. - 2 fold down fuel partitions to keep fuel from sliding around - 10 heavy duty carabiners rated for 2500 Lbs. make tying down loads fast -2 Uhmw runners 1" tall underneath to stiffen up sled, protect from gravel, and improve tracking behind snowmobile - Cold weather rated floating rope rated for -60 degrees service - Custom Hardened Steel pins with custom Pin retainer system ensures the sled never comes unhitched when pulling - 1 handle on the hitch to make hooking up sled easier - Spare nuts and bolts. We send extra nuts and bolts for easy field repair. - Made from 100% recycled UHMWPE. This material has exceptionally high wear resistance 14x higher than steel plate and its rated not to crack in the cold, even at -107 degrees!

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